The challenge

The problem for Queen Elizabeth’s Girls School in was that its main entrance was in the wrong place. Built on an inclined site in Barnet, north London, the entrance was in the middle of the building. This meant visitors had to walk through part of the school before they could sign in, which was inconvenient for all involved and also created constant concerns over security.

The project

The solution was to build an extension onto a redundant classroom in a block at the main pedestrian entrance of the school, convert the classroom into a new school office and use  the extension as a signing-in area and waiting room. This would also allow staff to have  wide field of vision of people entering the site.

A brick built extension was constructed during the summer holidays and the classroom converted into an office including electrical installation and new ceiling , flooring and kitchenette area.  The link betweeen the new signing-in area and office was made by removing a non-structural crittal glazing system. The work was carried out over eight weeks, in good time for the start of the new autumn term.

The result

Visitors now sign in at the new area and are the escorted if necessary to wherever they need to be, improved security and the working environment. Staff have a new office , tailor-made for their requirements.