During the bank holiday weekend of the summer holiday period in 2014, Queen Elizabeth Girls School where we regularly carry out works suffered flooding in some of their buildings..

The flood occurred as debris had found its way from flat roof areas into the rainwater discharge system and had caused a physical blockage under the ground.  Because the pipes carrying this water were internal, this impacted on the outcome.

The result was that water discharged over the top of the roof gully and found its way through the building from second floor to ground floor level.

This caused significant damage to.

The Staff room
First floor lobby
Ground floor lobby and corridor
Teaching classroom
Drama studio

School was due to returning to school in two weeks and a large part was uninhabitable.

Adept BS was asked if we could assist in getting things sorted out.

The first task was to lessen the impact on the water entering the building. This was done by pumping from the roof gully off of the building lessening the water running through.  The second task was to break into the downpipe and divert water out of the building.  This was also successfully done.

Secondly we had to find and repair the blockage.  This was eventually narrowed down to a 4” horizontal pipe under the drama studio store.  The debris was so impacted it could not be moved by rodding or jetting.  The floor was excavated and the pipe cut through.  The debris consisting of everything from wood to lead strip and plastic was removed and the floor reinstated.

The next task was to remove all building fabrics that were damaged beyond repair.  This was mainly flooring and suspended ceilings.  The teaching area had an oak parquet floor which had lifted due to expansion and all had to be removed. A similar situation with the lobby floors which lifted significantly due to expansion.

By the time school returned for the autumn term, the corridors were returned to normal although further flooring had to wait until half term due to the floors not fully dried out.  The Drama studio and classroom were returned to full use a short while into the term with the teaching room having a new Dutch pattern oak floor as well as full redecoration.


All works were completed by the end of half term with Adept BS working closely with the school to carry out works in term time where possible to have minimum effect on the running of the school.