The project
To remove over 1000 square meters of vinyl floor tiles in science and technology areas of a girls school in Barnet. To then prepare the floors by applying latex self-levelling compounds and finishing with new anti-slip vinyl sheet flooring.

The problems
Both Science and Technology departments in schools have a lot of equipment and furniture. To carry out these works, this all had to be moved. In technology there are many fixed pieces of machinery and benches. Also wired ICT benching had to be removed in order to remove old flooring and lay new.

The old vinyl tiles have traces of asbestos bonded in the tiles. Whilst this is low grade the method of removing and of disposing of the waste has to be carefully considered and implemented.

The programme

It was a requirement that the works were carried out for completion at the end of the summer holiday period 2014.

Works commenced on 24/7/14 and were complete 22/8/14 two weeks ahead of programme.
There was still some completion works to do after the floor laying was complete. This was mainly rehanging and adjustments of doors.

The result

The school now has re floored Science and technology departments. Over 1000m2 of flooring has been replaced with a safe and more attractive floor . The old tiles have been safely removed and consignment notes issued, to ensure the waste has been correctly disposed of, in line with HSE rules